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Facebook reported over 2.6 billion monthly active users at the end of the first quarter of 2020. Right this very moment, hundreds—or perhaps thousands—of your potential customers are on the popular social media platform, posting funny cat memes or what they had for dinner. Is it any wonder why 90 million small businesses are using Facebook as a marketing channel?

We at Amics Digital Solutions help you maximize the platform so you reach your ideal customers and turn your business around.

Through our Facebook marketing services, you can:

 Increase your brand awareness
Build your audience
Boost social engagement
Bring revenue to  your business

We guarantee:

Increase in sales
Clicks to a landing page
Impression volume
Organic increase in follower base


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Programmatic Marketing Services Pricing

Percentage of ad spend
We charge based on your ad spend. The minimum ad spend is $500 per campaign.


we charge a 20% service fee on ad spend.


we charge a 15% service fee on ad spend.


we charge a 10% service fee on ad spend.

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