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If you are tired of trying to figure out where to spend your ad and marketing budget.
Even more tired of wasting money on ads that get ignored.

We at Amics Digital Solutions help you maximize the platform so you reach your ideal customers and turn your business around.

Our Programmatic Marketing solutions include:

●   Contextual targeting. We Serve your ads to individuals who are likely to be interested in what you’re selling.

●   Whitelisting targeting. You get full control over what sites your ads appear on.

●   Retargeting.  We serve your ads to individuals who have engaged with your website content before, allowing you to give them the nudge needed to buy your products and services.

●   Geofencing targeting.  We serve your ads in very specific locations. For instance, if you know your potential clients usually frequent a particular restaurant we will serve those users your ads the moment they go online.

We guarantee:

Increase in sales
Clicks to a landing page
Impression volume
Visibility in the most reputable sites

Client campaigns

Quincy "No Stress" and Will Roush "Within me"

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Programmatic Marketing Services Pricing

Percentage of ad spend
We charge based on your ad spend. The minimum ad spend is $500 per campaign.


we charge a 20% service fee on ad spend.


we charge a 15% service fee on ad spend.


we charge a 10% service fee on ad spend.

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