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Search engines have revolutionized the way we seek and navigate information. Want to know what are the best headphones on the market? Or where to find the best local restaurants? All you have to do is ask Google. This means great opportunities for businesses like yours. If you want your potential customers to find you, you have to rank well when setting up your ads.

However, ranking on Google is more difficult than it has ever been. What are your chances of getting ranked #1 for a  “running shoes” campaign when you have to compete with many other businesses like yours?

We at Amics Digital Solutions help you maximize the platform so you reach your ideal customers and turn your business around.

Our SEM services can help you:

Increase your company’s
visibility online
Build authority
in your niche
Boost your brand
Increase your search engine
rankings in your ads campaigns

We guarantee:

Increase in sales
Clicks to a landing page
Impression volume
Top visibility for your ads on google results


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Programmatic Marketing Services Pricing

Percentage of ad spend
We charge based on your ad spend. The minimum ad spend is $500 per campaign.


we charge a 20% service fee on ad spend.


we charge a 15% service fee on ad spend.


we charge a 10% service fee on ad spend.

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